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SFI - information in English

Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) is an education for adult immigrants who want to learn Swedish at an elementary level. Persons entitled to take part are people, who lack elementary knowledge of the Swedish language, (living) being registred in the municipality of Norrköping. The Sfi-courses are free of charge. The studies could be full-time or part-time and there are possibilities to study daytime or in the evenings.

There are three different paths to take when studying at sfi. These are constructed to meet the different needs of the student. Grades are given after each course.

We offer vocationally orientated Sfi which consists of prepatory courses for working life or for further vocational training/education. The courses contain ordinary sfi, job orientated language training and preparations for work. All courses are sandwiched with practical work connected to the job of your interest.

  • Restaurant and Kitchen work
  • Business/ Service
  • Health och Social care